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Ancestral House Main Entrance Door Feb 2001

L to R:- Promila Puri and Baldev Bhalla
Ancestral House 1973

L to R:- Promila, Navneet, Neena and Shreshta
Ancestral House Main Entrance Door Feb 2001

L to R:- Promila, Shivani and Neena Bhalla
My Grandfather in 1937
Lala Kishen Dayal Bhalla
My Bhua's with their Children in1920

My Grandmother

Shmt. Mehar Kaur Bhalla
My Grandfather's Cousin

Lala Bishen Das Bhalla

Lala Bishen Das Bhalla's Wife

Shmt. Hukam Devi Bhalla
My Phupa

Rai Bahadur Lala Faquir Chand Malhan
Cousins in Nov 2003

L to R:- Baldev Raj Bhalla, Mangat Ram Malhan and Ramesh Chand Malhan
My Bhua

Shmt. Vidya Wati Malhan
My Phupa

Lala  Jawand Lal Kumra
MY Cousin and his Wife
  Mr. Sat Pal Kumar              Shmt. Premlata Kumra
       (1923-1993)                          (1928-2015)       
My Bhua

Shmt. Shanti Devi Kumra
My Parents in 1935

Lala Sukhdev Raj Bhalla and Shmt. Kailashvati Bhalla
My Parents in 1963

Lala Sukhdev Raj Bhalla and Shmt. Kailashvati Bhalla
Youngest Bhua & Phupa July 1993

Shmt. Om Kumari and Prem Lal Sehgal
My Mother in 1963

Shmt. Kailashvati Bhalla
Baldev Raj Bhalla in 1950

Baldev Raj Bhalla
My Father in 1976

Lala Sukhdev Raj Bhalla
My Father-in-law Neena's Dad

Dewan Rajinder Nath Whig
My Wife  in 1963

Miss. Neena Whig
My Mother-in-law Neena's Mother

Shmt. Prabha Whig
My Son's in 1977 at Portugal

Navneet Bhalla and Puneet Bhalla
MY Family in July 2012

Aneesh, Anmol, Baldev, Neena, Meenakshi, Puneet and Navneet Bhalla
Puneet's Family July 2012

Aneesh, Meenakshi, Puneet and Anmol Bhalla
At Goa in July 2012
Puneet, Meenakshi and Navneet Bhalla
November 2005 at Oakville, Ont. at Puneet and Meenakshi's Home
L to R: Baldev, Neelam, Navi, Puneet, Mona, Neena, Navneet, Anmol and Aneesh Bhalla
My Younger Sister with her Husband in December 2007

Mrs. Vijay Kumari and Mr. Narinder jeet Grover
My Nephew with his family

Abhimanyu, Anjali (Anu), Sanya and Vivek Bhalla  
My younger Brother with his family

Mrs. Manju Bhalla, Mr. Devinder Bhalla, Nikhila, Amit and Nittin Bhalla
(September 2007)
My Nephew and his wife in San Jose, California
Dr. Rohit Puri and his wife Divya (Zinny) Puri
  My Nice  with her husband     

Mr. Vikas Chail & Mrs. Shivani
My Nice and her husband in May 2008

Vivek & Shruti Nangia 
My Younger Sister with her Family in December 2008

Karan Ahuja, Mr. Harish Ahuja, Shreshta (Bhola) & Shruti Ahuja
My Nephew in December 2008
Karan Ahuja
March 2008

  Anjoo, Vinod Kashyap & Family
Three's Company

L to R:- Bela Shrivastava, Anjoo Kashyap & Neena Bhalla
December 2001

L to R:- Bela and Dr. Akhilesh Shrivastava
My Cousin (Mamaji's Son)

Mr. Inder Pal Seth
My Nanka Family in 1944

Lala Thakur Das Seth with his Family
My Cousin Inder Pal Seth's Wife

Mrs. PadmaVati Seth 
Aneesh Bhalla's Mundan Party

Family Relaxing after the Big Bash
My Grandmother (Nani Ji)

Shmt. Rikhi Devi Seth
August 1996

Mr. Mahendra Deva with Neena Bhalla
My Uncle (Tayaji) No.1

Lala Roshan Lal Bhalla
My Uncle's (Tayaji's) Family  1950

Lala Roshan Bhalla with his family
My Aunt (Taiji) No.1

Shmt. Savitri Devi Bhalla
My cousin (Tayaji's son)

Mr. Yash Pal Bhalla
My Nephew (Navnit) with his Family

L to R:- Varun, Navnit, Aman, Neelam & Vikram
My Cousin, Yash Pal Bhalla's Wife

Mrs. Shashi Kala Bhalla
October 2006

 Varun & Sandeep Bhalla 

My Nephew (Madhu) with his Family

Madhu & Pratibha Bhalla with daughter's  
June 2006

Vikram & Shruti Bhalla  
My Uncle (Tayaji) No.2

Lala Prithvi Raj Bhalla

  My Aunt (Taiji) No.2

Shmt. Kanta Devi Bhalla

My cousin Om Parkash Bhalla with his Family

Rear L to R:- Rohit Bhalla (son) Riya Bhalla (daughter in law)
Mrs. Shobha Bhalla (wife) Om Parkash Bhalla, Rakhi Kundra (daughter)
Ramit Kundra (grandson) Sandeep Kundra (son in law)
Front L to R:- Preirit Bhalla (grandson)and Ujjwal Bhalla (Grandson)
My Uncle (Chachaji) No.3

Lala Shanti Sawroop Bhalla
My cousin Anil Kumar Bhalla with his Family
Anil Kumar Bhalla Family
Sitting: L to R:- Mr. Anil Kumar Bhalla and his wife Mrs. Neelam Bhalla
Standing: L to R:- Mr. Aman Arora (Son-in-law) Mr. Anuj Bhalla (Son)
Mrs. Sonal Bhalla (Daughter-in-law) & Mrs. Anchal Arora (Daughter)
My Aunt (Chachiji) No.3
Shmt. Leelavati Bhalla
My Cousin Uncle (Tayaji)

Pandit Bhim sen Bhalla (Vidyalankar)
My cousin Aunt (Taiji) with her Daughter-in-law and Son

 L to R:- Shmt. Shanta Devi Bhalla, Shmt. Ved Kumari Bhalla
 and Shri. RamPal Bhalla (Vidyalankar)
My Cousin Aunt (Tai ji)

Shmt. Ved Kumari Bhalla
May 08, 2008

Mrs. Ved Kumari Bhalla's 100th Birthday
February 2003

Malini Kashyap with her Moti Massi
Disney World in May 2001

Puneet Bhalla and Family
Navneet 's  B'day December 1996

Navneet Bhalla the cutting Cake

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